You are about to become a guardian of a minor. As a guardian of a minor, there are numerous responsibilities delegated to you which must be carried out. Of course, you wouldn’t know these responsibilities if you were just thrusted into the role. That’s why there’s a guideline provided for individuals becoming a guardian.

This guideline covers what the guardian must do in certain situations. For example, if the ward passes away, you will want to send a copy of the death certificate or an obituary to the court. If there’s a change in the address for the ward, this information must be relayed to the court. If you don’t? A failure to report within 14 days could result in you being suspended.

Your Responsibilities of Guardian of a Minor

Then there’s the responsibility of you and the ward meeting a court-appointed attorney annually. That’s not all. In addition to this, a report must be filled out annually that gives detail to the condition of the ward. This is known as the Annual Report on Condition of Ward. This form must be filled out and returned to the court on the date you became guardian. An additional report, the Annual Report, is due before or after 30 days of your anniversary of becoming a guardian. If you fail to file properly or fail to file at all, you will be suspended.

Annual Accounts

In addition to these responsibilities, there are guidelines on what to do after receiving the Letters of Authority and how to manage finances and keep track of records. To help you understand the responsibilities a guardian of a minor has, Darren Findling of The Probate Pro covers all of this and more in the video below.

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