Over the weekend, the Detroit sports community lost a legend. Jamie Samuelsen, morning talk show host on 97.1 The Ticket passed away Saturday evening after a 19-month battle with colon cancer. Jamie was known for his even-keel rationale and ability to connect with every blue and white-collar worker in Michigan. His wit and wisdom on the radio was only exceeded by the love he had for his family. It was only until a week ago that he revealed his diagnosis to the public. His last words to us were that even if you are below 50, you should consider getting a colonoscopy, or at least explore it.

While we plan estates, we also making sure to do whatever we can to advocate for the health of you and others who impact your life. We agree with what Jamie said and studies have backed up the necessity for being tested for colon cancer earlier.

A 2017 American Cancer Society study showed that there has been a sharp increase in colon and rectal cancer among young adults. This study made The American Cancer Society lower its colonoscopy recommended starting age to 45. However, if someone has a family history of colon cancer, the recommended starting age is 10 years younger than the average recommendation. So that means people age 35 should also consider getting a colonoscopy if a family history is present.

By getting a colonoscopy as early as possible, you can potentially catch cancer early. The American Cancer Society says that nine of 10 people with early-stage cancer survive at least five years, if caught and treated. However, the rate of survival is lowered if the cancer isn’t caught early and spreads to other parts of the body.

Again, we want to make sure Jamie’s words reach you. You can call us (833) PROBATE for anything related to probate and estate planning. However, we want to make sure that you’re also reaching out to your doctor and consulting them about a colonoscopy – should you be at least 35 (with a family history of colon cancer) or 40.