Life is wonderful, but mysterious. We know – or at least learn – when life began for us, but the the mystery is when it ends. There’s a misconception that’s been spread for ages that only a person dying is in need of planning his or her estate. On the contrary, people should plan their estate ahead of time. The unfortunate thing is that nobody knows when life will come to an end – death or any grim diagnosis that comes from a doctor can occur at any moment. That’s why it’s better to plan sooner than later.

Why Plan Ahead for Your Estate?

An estate plan is a plan that’s been made in advance which lists off the recipients of various assets within an individual’s estate. This could be money, cars, property and everything inside the property such as furniture, electronics, art and personal items that hold sentimental value. Planning ahead allows people to take into account what they currently have in their estate and can keep track of it for the many years ahead, so as to assure the recipient of said asset that it will be there for them, ready and waiting when the time comes. Now people can choose to plan an estate later, but of course the risk that’s associated with it is that you may lose track of assets down the road if you don’t have anything listed.

The greater risk is if there is no estate planned at all. This can result in a very messy probate trial. It happens more often than you think. Children bickering over a couch, property or money happens and it can tear families apart. But here’s a question for you: why would you let it get to that point? That’s why we encourage you to put an estate plan together. You can always do it yourself, but there is verbiage and legal formalities uncommon to the average person. The Probate Pro has estate planning attorneys in various states who are ready to work with you or a loved one on an estate plan. Our goal is to make sure you are secured, or that your securing loved ones after you pass. If you or someone you know is in need of an estate plan, plan now and not later.

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