When hiring a probate attorney in Detroit Michigan, you need to take into account some things that maybe go under the radar. Of course you want to have a lawyer who can help you accomplish what you’re seeking them to do for you. That’s a given with any lawyer though. Every lawyer wants to win, and while lawyers are focused on winning cases for their track record, lawyers at The Probate Pro are focused on that, as well as providing something that few others can.

What our lawyers provide is compassion and versatility.

Those are two … unique words. Of course, we wouldn’t stand out from the rest if we weren’t unique in some way. We find that our versatility to provide many probate related legal services helps us stand out. In addition, our team of accredited lawyers and support staff are compassionate about our clients and their families.

When it comes to versatility, we provide an array of probate related services. We provide services for conservatorships, guardianships, estate planning, VA benefits, wrongful death distributions, special needs trusts, probate and trust litigation, statewide probate filings and more. With over 20 lawyers, The Probate Pro has expanded their base knowledge to live up to the company’s name. For 25 years, we’ve been providing probate related services and will continue to do so.

On top of that, we provide compassion to all our clients. We understand that when individuals are coming to us, it’s not for something that makes people happy. Death is something that affects us all when it happens to someone close, someone we’ve known for a long time and have grown to like – maybe even love. While the goal will always be to provide legal services to the fullest extent for our clients, we do so understanding the imposition people are in.

Of course, compassion and versatility are nice, but having a proven track record does help too. In case you were wondering, The Probate Pro has lawyers with proven track records. For example, Amy Peterman, a lawyer with The Probate Pro, has an extensive legal history, which speaks to her knowledge and ability to represent clients in cases.

In 2006, Amy was selected to serve as Assistant Majority Counsel for the Michigan Senate, with a focus in probate law. During her tenure there, she was able to assist in writing probate laws that exist to this day.

In 2009, Amy joined the Oakland County Probate Court as Judicial Staff Attorney, listening to hundreds of contested probate and trust cases and strategizing with the County Probate Court Judge, the Honorable Daniel A. O’Brien. Her strategizing with the Judge was to make sure the best decisions under the circumstances were made. It’s track records like these which we have on our team and are developing for younger members of our team.

We’ve been earning awards and developing positive track records for the past 25 years for the way in which we present ourselves. It aligns with our philosophy of being the purple cow – the one which stands out from the rest of the herd.

The track record and leadership qualities that individuals like Amy provide are what helps The Probate ProSM stand out from other law groups. Leadership however isn’t just shown in the office – it’s shown out of the office too. This leadership involves being thrusted into the public sphere, sharing wisdom and knowledge. Michigan probate lawyer Brandon Thomson is a great example of how our lawyers make an impact in the community.

Recently, Brandon was invited to be a featured speaker on a webinar related to elder law and asset protection. The knowledge our lawyers have in the field of probate allows us to be able to take part of community events such as this.

Whether it’s in the community, at court, in our office or on the Web, The Probate ProSM is able to provide versatility, compassion, a track record of legal knowledge and leadership. If you or someone you know is in need of probate related legal services and is looking for someone who has the aforementioned qualities, there’s nowhere else that you need to call. Give The Probate Pro a call today at 1-(877)-YOUR-FIRM.


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