“It’s not easy being green” is a famous quote that comes from the iconic Muppet, Kermit the Frog. Why is this quote being brought up? Because while it’s not easy being green for Kermit, it’s not easy being a probate lawyer. We often get asked what kind of law we do. So when we answer “probate law,” the people who asked the question are often left scratching their heads, not knowing what a probate lawyer does.

First and foremost, let’s make one thing clear – we do not deal with probation. Probate and probation sound like words that would work in pair together, but they’re two totally different things. Probation is obviously dealing with an individual who is on probation.

When it comes to probate though, we are working on the internal affairs of estates. When somebody has died it’s our job to help make sure the property is distributed.

You’ve probably heard or read that a will avoids probate, but that’s not the case. Whether or not there is a will, the estate still falls under the probate court’s jurisdiction.

In addition to probate estates, we often find ourselves involved with guardianships, which is something that also falls under the probate court’s jurisdiction. A guardianship is when the probate court appoints an individual to oversee the estate of someone who cannot make important life decisions on their own. This means someone will make important decisions such as where the person lives. The goal is to make sure the guardian is serving in the best interest of the individual in need of a guardianship. There are also conservatorships, which is when the court appoints someone to manage the finances of another individual.

There’s much more to talk about as far as what we do. Darren Findling explains what it’s like to be a probate lawyer and what probate attorneys work on.


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