We often talk about how the probate process can be a lot to comprehend. We only speak one language, and that’s the language of truth. Probate is often thought of as a slow process. There are forms and petitions to be prepared, files to provide to the probate court and appearances before the court judge that you’ll need to make. When looking for a probate attorney, you’ll want to look for someone who can confidently guide you through the process.

Although there are certain time requirements that can’t be avoided, The Probate Pro is focused on proactively working to speed up the process, which is why we’ve created a timeline that we provide to our clients and have made available on our website. Let’s go over some of the steps in this process.

At the beginning, before the process even formally starts, you will need to gather information on the decedent. This includes things such as a death certificate, names and addresses of family members, confirmation on the existence of a will and an understanding of what assets exist. With all of this information in hand, your next step will to be contacting a probate attorney.

When meeting with your probate attorney, you’re going to bring all of this information to him or her. It can be delivered physically or sent electronically. Once the attorney has the information, the process can then begin.

Darren Findling of The Probate Pro explains in detail each step that comes in the probate process in the video below.

Again, probate is not an easy process. It requires filing at the probate court, appearing before court, reaching out to other parties and resolving any issues that might come in the way. That’s why you’ll need a good probate attorney on your side. If you want to learn more about the process, or just need a good probate attorney, call The Probate Pro at (877) YOUR-FIRM.