People know what a personal injury attorney does. People know what a divorce attorney does. Not many people know what a probate attorney does. This is because probate is broad, with many different functions. The most popular misconception is that a probate lawyer works with clients who are on probation. That is not at all what probate is about.

Probate is for when someone has passed away, has become incapacitated, or is incompetent and needs the assistance of a fiduciary. In fact, there’s a whole court dedicated to probate law, which should help illustrate just how broad probate law can be. So, what does a probate lawyer do? They represent a family member or estate in court, take action for them to get conflicts or issues resolved by working with other parties, including creditors and legal counsel. In addition, they prepare documents in advance such as a will or power of attorney. These are just a few of the many things a probate attorney can do. But what about a good probate attorney? What can a good probate attorney do?

To be a good probate attorney, you need to be proactive. Take action on what your client requests unless law and ethics suggest otherwise. You need to be creative and find ways to build your client’s case in the event of litigation. You’ll have to be able to guide the client throughout the entire probate process. Having an open ear to hear your clients is also needed. Probate is not something easy, which is why when you’re looking for a probate attorney, you’ll want one who goes above and beyond the standard probate attorney.

The Probate Pro has attorneys who go above and beyond what the standard probate attorney will do for a client. That’s why we’ve been around for 25 years, helping clients every day. We go above and beyond the standard because we care about helping families get through what is truly a rough transitional time in their lives. If you need a probate attorney, call us at (877) YOUR-FIRM.