You want to become the guardian of a loved one, but you don’t know what to do. That’s a pretty common situation people find themselves in when someone they are close with can no longer make important life-based decisions on his or her own. In order to start the process toward becoming a guardian, you will need to obtain a form known as Letters of Guardianship.

What is Letters of Guardianship?

Letters of Guardianship is a State Court Administrative Office form that is put together by the probate court. This document is what identifies your powers as the guardian. It serves as proof that you have been identified by the probate court as the guardian of an individual. In other words, this recognizes the authority that guardians have when it comes to making decisions on behalf of someone else. This makes the document very important to have.

With a Letters of Guardianship on your side, you will be able to present this to various institutions and declare to them your actions are on behalf of the individual’s best interest. This could be presented to hospitals, realtors (for any housing needs) among other places where decisions need to be made on behalf of the individual.

To learn more about the Letters of Guardianship, be sure to watch this video. Darren Findling of The Probate Pro provides detail behind each section in the form and the importance of each part.


So having this is important, no doubt. How do you go about getting it? Well, you’ll need to get the court’s approval – but what are the formalities that come along with this process? That’s why you’ll want to have a competent, experienced probate attorney on your side. They’ll guide you through the process and get you to become the guardian of a loved one.

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