Special Needs Trusts were made to provide additional income for individuals with special needs, such as autism. This income is used to improve the individual’s quality of life. With April being autism awareness month, it’s a good time to look at some of the things a Special Needs Trust can cover.

For parents and caregivers, they understand how expensive care for an individual on the autism spectrum can be. At the same time, parents, caregivers and any trustee will need to know just what Special Needs Trusts are good for. Here are several, important things that can be purchased through Special Needs Trusts – and may be helpful in your situation.

Interior Renovations

You may wonder, “Why in the world would I use Special Needs Trusts to cover the expenses of an interior renovation?” The answer is because individuals on the autism spectrum may have tactile sensory issues. This means the way in which a floor or wall could feel is unsettling for the individual. Reactions vary based on the individual, as well as his or her tactile preference. Special Needs Trusts have allowed people to outright purchase homes in the past; the cost of renovating it, then, isn’t something that should concern you.


Some individuals on the autism spectrum or with other special needs may wind up attaining a driver’s license. For many, however, they won’t be able to drive. Fortunately, Special Needs Trusts can cover the expenses of transportation, so long as it’s for medical or recreational purposes. This means that you can get the vehicle best fit for the individual without having to worry about dipping into your own wallet to make this happen. Special transportation equipment is also covered under Special Needs Trusts.

Medical Care Not Provided by Government Benefits

This is arguably the most important one on the list. Some people believe that using the trust funds to cover medical care is outright disallowed. However, this is not entirely true. While government benefits do cover routine medical care, they don’t cover everything. If it isn’t something that’s done on a routine basis, the Special Needs Trusts can cover it. This can save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. Special Needs Trusts also cover surgical and dental expenses that aren’t usually covered by the government benefits.

Community Enrichment Programs

Recreational and educational opportunities are critical for individuals with autism. For many years, individuals on the spectrum were kept in the house. Now, with more sensory-friendly recreational experiences, as well as a community with a better understanding of autism, it makes sense to get them out and into the public. Fortunately, Special Needs Trusts can cover these expenses, which allows the individual to participate in the community without creating a financial burden.

There are many ways in which Special Needs Trusts can cover expenses – but it’s another thing to get it all put together. At The Probate ProSM, we can work with you to put together a comprehensive Special Needs Trust plan. Our goal is to make sure individuals needing these trusts are assured the quality of life that these funds were created for. If you or someone you know may need Special Needs Trusts services, call us at 1-(877)-YOUR-FIRM.