For many probate attorneys in training, court can be a daunting process. Those especially unfamiliar with court may lack comforting experience and need a place to begin their preparations. The Wayne County Probate Court Attorney Training Materials is just the place for a new attorney to begin.

Before diving into the technicalities of the probate court process, it’s vital to begin with an overview of how to act respectfully towards the opposing counsel, the Judge and any other individuals in the courtroom. Knowing how to carry yourself during this process is essential for efficiency and success. In parallel with the order listed on the Training Materials, the first component to begin with should be “Attorney Dos and Don’ts.” In this piece, you’ll find general – but often forgotten – guidelines to proper court civility, punctuality, accuracy and basic manners of respect in the courtroom. This piece can also serve as your basic reminder to have the files you’ll need filed correctly and in timely fashion.

Probate court often involves an imposition in which the client is suffering from the death or incapacitation of a loved one. Thus, it’s important to be prepared and efficient in the process in order to ensure that it runs smooth. The section titled “Who and What Attorneys Need to Know to Practice Effectively” provides vital information. It explains who the key actors of the Wayne County Probate Court are, as well as where to find them, contact them by telephone or e-mail and their available fax extensions.

Once you’re familiar with these sections and know the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts, it’s time to migrate towards the more technical aspects of the WCPC manual. Start with the “Overview of Probate Court Jurisdiction.” Within this section, take note of the details of the distinguishing jurisdictions and differences between guardianships and courtships; they’re often misunderstood. While reading through all of the technicalities listed in the passages highlighted, pay close attention to the practice pointers provided in between subsections.

These pointers administer insight into common misunderstandings regarding the information within the section they are listed in, as well as reminders as to how to further understand it. To supplement, but further delve into the details regarding the probate court process, the section titled “Anatomy of a Probate case” gives imperative knowledge to the differences of the dynamic of probate court in comparison with court proceedings of other types of litigation.

While the entirety of the Wayne County Probate Court Attorney Training Materials should be reviewed prior to entering a courtroom, it can often be a daunting site to maneuver. The complexity and vastness of the information provided should be read carefully and considerably while paying the closest attention to the sections and pointers highlighted in this passage.

The Wayne County Probate Court Forms are available to download here with a video instruction on how to complete the forms.

This blog entry was written by Carly Slattery, an intern at The Probate Pro.