washington post, probate, estate planning, rosa parks

washington post, rosa parks, estate planning, probate Nephew to Challenge Rosa Parks’ Will

The Associated Press (featured in the Washington Post)
Wednesday, November 16, 2005; 11:04 AM

DETROIT (Washington Post)— A nephew of civil rights icon Rosa Parks will contest her 2003 will on grounds that Parks lacked the mental capacity to sign it because of dementia, the nephew’s attorney said.

The will designates retired judge Adam Shakoor and Parks’ longtime friend and caregiver, Elaine Steele, as administrators of her estate.

But William McCauley of Detroit will object, his lawyer, Darren Findling, said Tuesday. McCauley, 47, also contends that Parks was unduly influenced by people around her, Findling told the Detroit Free Press.

Findling said he hopes the parties can quickly reach an agreement.

Parks, 92, a widow who had no children, died Oct. 24 at her Detroit riverfront condominium.

-The Washington Post


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