When a loved one passes away without an estate plan, all hell can break loose within a family when it comes to distribution of assets. Members of the family will be fueled by their belief of how the assets should be distributed. The laws of intestacy, however, must be followed if there is no will that dictates how the assets are to be distributed. Even if there is a will, issues may still arise if there is a disagreement as to interpretation of the will language. It can be over anything, big or small; monetary or something that’s in the house. Should you be embroiled in this kind of situation, you’ll need a probate litigation attorney. So, what should you look for when hiring a probate litigation attorney?


Without a doubt, experience in probate litigation matters. How long have they been practicing probate law? How long have they been litigating in court? You don’t need to hire an attorney who has experience in high profile cases. It’s a nice perk, but experience is gained through the many cases an attorney works on throughout his or her career. Of course, you need to know more than how experienced they are.

2.       Creativity

With ample experience in probate litigation, an attorney will likely have been pressed to become creative in a case. What has an attorney done to build and establish cases for other clients? How can a probate litigation attorney establish your case?

3.       Communication

As a client, you’ll want to keep in touch with your legal counsel. Just as much, you’ll want a probate litigation attorney who is able to answer your calls. Furthermore, you’ll want someone who is versatile in communication. Can they make themselves available to you for a phone call? Can they find time to meet you in person? Could they even reach out to you via email? In order to establish a case, consistent communication is required.

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