Think about a time when you had to write down important information, maybe for a job application, applying for loans, or medical information your doctor needs. When you jot down your words, you’re making things official for the people needing to know it.

When it comes to bequests and wills, having information written down isn’t just important, it’s a game-changer.

There have been many instances in which people feud over a departed one’s estate and assets because a bequest was not written down on someone’s will, or even worse, there was no will in the first place. It could be over something such as money, property or even objects of sentimental value, like a figurine or dad’s favorite chair. Furthermore, some people assume that they can rely on their heirs to rightfully distribute property and assets. Simply put, that’s not the case at all. With no bequest or will, a court will distribute the assets and properties of the departed one as evenly as possible, following state laws.

This in turn, unfortunately, can and in many cases has resulted in strained relationships. It could be friends who are no longer on speaking terms or family members who can’t seem to coexist in the same room. All because there’s no written will, or that the sentimental value of an object was downplayed or not even taken into consideration.

It’s sad to witness, and likely not what the departed one would have wanted to happen. In cases like these, having a will and specifics on special items of interest written down could have gone a long way in preventing strained, if not, damaged relationships.

In Ohio and Michigan, individuals age 18 and older are able to make a will. To be valid, most states require the will to be written down and witnessed. Verbal wills are not considered valid in Michigan, and in Ohio are quite difficult to execute given the specific requirements.

At The Probate ProSM, we have attorneys who keep track and notarize all wills and bequests made by the departing or departed one. We are there from the first step, and will be there with you to the end. Experienced in wills and all facets of estate planning, we’re prepared with pen and paper to make sure everything is taken into account.

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