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Veteran’s Benefits – How Can We Help?

On Wednesday, Brandon provided an example of the Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit at work and the ways you can qualify.  Now, we want to provide you with some help in your efforts to take advantage of this benefit. The Application Process While the application process for special monthly pension can be agonizingly slow [...]


The death of a spouse is one of the most devastating events of a person's life. As a recent widow or widower, you will face many personal and financial challenges.  Here are some tips. Grieve. One of the most important new findings has shown that for most of us, grief is a severe — but self-limiting — [...]


A weird rule exists relative to who has the right to make a funeral arrangement in Michigan.  You would think that the person named with that power in a Will would have priority.  Nope.  In fact, you could have a terrible relationship with your family and they could still trump those persons that you want [...]

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