Five Frequent Supplemental Needs Trust Questions

Written by Andrew Lorelli Supplemental Needs Trusts (“SNTs”, also called Special Needs Trusts) are a common estate planning tool. SNTs are for people who receive means-tested government benefits, as well as those who also may be the beneficiaries of an estate or the recipient of settlement funds after a lawsuit. SNTs are designed to allow [...]


We are excited to share the information below on Special Needs Planning, which was written courtesy of our guest blogger Paul who is serving as a summer law clerk at our office. What is a Special Needs Trust? My older brother is autistic and will be dependent upon my parents for the remainder of their [...]


SSI and SSDI: Confusing Initials I agree.  It really is confusing.  Why the government used the initials SSI and SSDI as shorthand for two of the most important government benefits is bewildering. With 26 letters in our alphabet, there were many opportunities to avoid this confusion. SSI and SSDI are two government benefits with similar [...]


An estate plan is not only for the wealthy. Richie Rich will benefit from a plan and so will John Doe. People at all economic levels will benefit. Upon death, a properly prepared plan distributes property based on your wishes and the needs of your family. Creating a plan can be a simple process allowing [...]


When a person with special needs receives a personal injury award, it is important to consider whether the creation of a Supplement (Special) Needs Trust will benefit the individual. Consider the case of John, a 53-year-old who was seriously injured in a car accident leaving him permanently disabled.  After filing a lawsuit, John obtained a $900,000 settlement. [...]


A Supplemental Needs Trust (frequently called a Special Needs Trust or simply an "SNT") is an important estate planning tool.  The purpose of a Supplemental Needs Trust is to safeguard certain assets (generally a settlement or an inheritance) without disqualifying the individual from eligibility for public benefits.  Understanding what are permissible distributions is critical to the [...]


A 60 year old mother developed early onset dementia.  For 10 years, the mother lived with her boyfriend who was not providing her with appropriate care, medication, and shelter.  The children retained The Probate Pro to represent them to petition for guardianship and conservatorship.  Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that their mother was removed from [...]


Some families must assume special responsibilities in order to care for a loved one who will require help through adulthood due to physical or mental challenges. To help these families, The Probate Pro offers Special Needs Trust Planning.  This planning uses state and federal Trust Laws to protect the assets of a person with disabilities. Such [...]

Michigan Trust Administration Attorney

A comprehensive estate plan that is handled by a Michigan trust administration attorney is necessary should you or someone you love become seriously ill, unable to make decisions or even become faced with loss of life.  It’s important to be prepared with a Michigan trust administration attorney that you and your family can trust.  A [...]

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