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Five Frequent Supplemental Needs Trust Questions

Written by Andrew Lorelli Supplemental Needs Trusts (“SNTs”, also called Special Needs Trusts) are a common estate planning tool. SNTs are for people who receive means-tested government benefits, as well as those who also may be the beneficiaries of an estate or the recipient of settlement funds after a lawsuit. SNTs are designed to allow [...]

Demand for Professional Guardians and Conservators is on the Rise

As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, many of them do not have someone in their lives to act as a guardian or conservator if the need arises. Que the professionals! In these types of cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys or social workers to be appointed for these roles, although a professional guardian can be [...]

Andrew Lorelli: A New Addition to The Probate Pro Team

We are bringing in new talent all the time! Andrew Lorelli, who started at The Probate Pro in November, comes to us as an experienced attorney. He has put in time working in criminal defense, no-fault insurance defense, family law, general civil litigation and unclaimed asset recovery, but he says that probate is his true [...]

Special Needs Planning v. Traditional Estate Planning

Last week, the NICU Grandpa from Atlanta went from comforting premature infants in a local hospital to warming hearts across the nation. A retired international marketing executive, David Deutchman didn’t exactly set out to regularly get “puked on and peed on,” but it’s quickly become a new-found joy. He told CNN that one of his [...]


When a person with special needs receives a personal injury award, it is important to consider whether the creation of a Supplement (Special) Needs Trust will benefit the individual. Consider the case of John, a 53-year-old who was seriously injured in a car accident leaving him permanently disabled.  After filing a lawsuit, John obtained a $900,000 settlement. [...]


  I was recently appointed guardian of a young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury following an auto accident.  My office had no prior relationship with the injured.  I was brought into the file by a wise personal injury attorney.   Prior to my involvement, a petition for guardianship was filed by the case [...]

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