Fund Your Trust. Fill Your Crust!

Fund Your Trust. Fill Your Crust! Creating a trust is much like baking a pie. Whether you’ve bought a pre-made crust or made your own, there is still some prep in readying it for filling. “Creating” a trust is the same as preparing a crust – you’ve given shape and form to the trust, but [...]


The Why So, why do you need a trust? Well, the answer is like the answer to many legal questions: “It depends!” In order to determine whether you need a trust, you must consider your specific estate planning needs or, in other words, which arrangement provides you the most favorable cost-to-benefit ratio. Recall that a [...]


Special Needs Trust Definitions For most of my clients, discussing whether a Special Needs Trust is the appropriate strategy for them requires a basic understanding of some terms.  The following are the Special Needs Trust Definitions of the most common terms used. Beneficiary The beneficiary is the person whose benefits the Special Needs Trust is [...]

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