How to Distribute a Probate Estate

You’ve got a probate estate open and you’re the personal representative, but don’t know how to fully administer the estate. Plus, you must pay creditors, settle all the debts, pay all the exemptions, allowances and administrative expenses. Let’s go over on how to distribute an estate. Once you’ve liquidated all the estate assets and are [...]

Why Having an Estate Plan is so Important

You’ve probably read it by now, seen it on the television screen or heard it on the radio. Kobe Bryant, basketball legend – along with eight other passengers, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna – were killed in a helicopter accident on January 26. Typing those words still don’t feel right. LA Times Columnist Bill Plaschke [...]

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The Probate Process, Step by Step

We’ve seen it quite a bit – grieving families leaving the funeral home that is next to our office. We know that these families leaving the funeral home are going through an emotionally tolling experience. Usually after the funeral, these families will be in need of a probate attorney to help get the decedent’s assets [...]

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Learn about the Probate Litigation Process

Probate fights are nasty, exhausting and expensive. Whether you’re about to enter a probate fight or are already immersed in one, it’s important to know what happens in probate litigation. Let’s go over the probate litigation process so that you know what to expect. Lawsuit commenced, complaint filed The lawsuit may be commenced in the [...]

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What is the Probate Process like?

We often talk about how the probate process can be a lot to comprehend. We only speak one language, and that’s the language of truth. Probate is often thought of as a slow process. There are forms and petitions to be prepared, files to provide to the probate court and appearances before the court judge [...]

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The Probate Pro Earns Award from Law Firm 500

The Probate Pro has been named as one of Law Firm 500’s Fastest Growing Law Firms in the United States for 2019. This is the third consecutive year The Probate Pro has received the prestigious award. In the state of Michigan, only two law firms were part of this year’s list. The Law Firm 500 [...]

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Why Building an Estate Plan Now is the Best Time

We always talk about what an estate plan is and what needs to be in an estate plan. More importantly, we have explained time after time why it’s so important to have an estate plan in place. So once again, let’s go over why it’s so important to have one and why building that plan [...]

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How to Retrieve Money from a Small Estate

Sometimes an estate doesn’t have a lot of money. Sometimes so little that you don’t even want to open a probate estate. Only question is, how can you avoid opening a probate estate and still retrieve the money? We’ll go over a particular process in the State of Michigan known as “Affidavit of Decedent’s Successor [...]

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Letters of Authority

You’ve just been appointed the personal representative of a decedent and you receive a document called “Letters of Authority for Personal Representative.” This document is really important, because it allows you to stand in the shoes of the individual who has died. In this role, you are responsible for collecting and reporting on all of [...]

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Amy Peterman Appointed as Director of Legal Services

The Probate Pro, PLC announces the appointment of Attorney Amy Peterman as the Director of Legal Services. Effective immediately, Peterman will oversee the strategic growth and development of The Probate Pro’s legal team, among other things. “When we were looking to hire our Director of Legal Services, we searched for someone who had a specialized [...]

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