When to Use Power of Attorney or Guardianship

An estate plan is a wonderful tool that encompasses various documents of authority such as a power of attorney, a will and more. A power of attorney, also known as a letter of attorney, is a written authorization to represent or act for another person. In order to have a valid power of attorney, two [...]

Plan Your Estate Like You Would A Vacation

Having an estate plan is so important because anything can happen, but exactly how do you go about preparing an estate plan? Well, it's not all that different than getting ready for a vacation. When you’re planning for a vacation, you  make sure you have all your essentials packed. Your clothes, your toiletries, your electronics [...]

Guardianship and Power of Attorney: The Differences

Guardianship and power of attorney, what's the difference? Usually, we receive calls from individuals who are looking to get power of attorney over an elderly individual, such as a mother or grandmother. These elderly individuals are in need of assistance. Sometimes people call to try and claim power of attorney over children. In some instances [...]

Millennials… the next clients needing estate plans?

Why should an estate plan be top-of-mind for millennials? The truth is, we cannot predict the future. We don’t know when our time will come. Terrible accidents happen all the time. What we do know is what a mess you could potentially be leaving behind if you do not have a will. As millennials begin [...]

Guardianship V. Custody

As a paralegal and team member of our intake team, I often get asked what to do if someone has left their minor child with them and the parent has not returned. Or what if the parent gave the grandparents “temporary custody” of the child until they could get back on their feet, and now [...]

What is a Patient Advocate Designation/Healthcare Power of Attorney?

As mentioned in a previous blog post titled “The DL on POAs,” a Power of Attorney (or “POA” for short) is a legal document that gives another person, who is often called an “agent,” the authority to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated and unable to care for your own affairs.  The two [...]

The DL on POAs

With numerous acronyms in the probate world, it is easy to get confused as to what legal professionals are referencing.  One of those troubling acronyms is POA, which stands for “power of attorney.” Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives another person, who is often called an “agent,” the authority to act on [...]


Whether you are waking up this morning with Patriot pride, fury over the Falcon’s fumble, or are still star struck from Lady Gaga’s performance, I think we can all agree on one take-away from Super Bowl LI: If you choose to put your mind to something, you can achieve it. And yes – I’m talking [...]


"Dead Yet?" The title to this blog is meant to be a startling joke. However, your estate plan is not a joke. Incredibly, nearly half of Americans do not have an estate plan placing the future of their families and loved ones at risk. Dead Yet?- Time to Create an Estate Plan Upon death, an [...]


Frequently the question is asked: “What is an estate plan?” The concept of which, generally speaking, is quite simple. So what does it mean to plan one’s estate? The term, an estate plan, is used to refer to the legal process of planning for the disposition of a person’s assets after death, while the individual [...]

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