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Navigating Through A Trust Dispute

Trust is a word with multiple meanings. We all know trust means that you have firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone else. Trust also has a legal definition, which pertains to an arrangement whereby a person (the trustee) holds an asset such as property or money for the benefit of [...]


Benjamin Franklin famously stated "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Although certain, a discussion on death or taxes is the last thing most people want to have. When a loved one passes, the furthest thing on family members’ minds is whether they will have to file taxes for [...]


After opening a probate estate, a Personal Representative has a duty to provide legal notice to any creditors of the decedent. A Creditor is a person or entity to which the decedent owes a debt. Creditors of the estate may include unsecured debt (examples include utilities, credit cards, medical bills, personal loans) and secured debt (examples include mortgages and automobile loans). [...]


While a minor’s parents are responsible for exercising his or her legal rights, there are certain circumstances in which a court will allow for the appointment of a guardian of a minor to exercise these rights. In Michigan, the process of appointing a guardian of a minor is governed by MCL 700.5204.  That statute allows [...]


After signing a Trust, it is important to remember to review it regularly. The Trust should not collect dust in the closet. A properly drafted Trust will be effective from the date of signing through death. However, to ensure that the Trust is most effective your Trust must be regularly reviewed. Once a Trust has [...]


A 60 year old mother developed early onset dementia.  For 10 years, the mother lived with her boyfriend who was not providing her with appropriate care, medication, and shelter.  The children retained The Probate Pro to represent them to petition for guardianship and conservatorship.  Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that their mother was removed from [...]

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