Filing Letters for Guardianship the Right Way

One of the most emotionally tolling processes in probate is the guardianship process. The goal is for the court to enter an order which makes you or someone else a guardian. In order to do this though, you’ll need to file a petition. What you’ll need to file as part of the petition is a [...]

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How to File for a Guardianship or Conservatorship

A loved one has lost the ability to make critical life and financial decisions on their own. Because of this, they are in need of a guardianship or conservatorship. How does one take the proper steps to assure that a conservator or guardian is appointed? Darren Findling of The Probate Pro will go over the [...]

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How to Fill a Petition for Guardianship

An individual has become incapacitated and is in need of your help but you have no authority to act. Because of this, you must file a petition for appointment of guardianship over the incapacitated individual. The problem though is that you don’t have any idea as to how you file a petition. Let’s go over [...]

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Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

To our frustration and dismay, we’ve all answered the phone, expecting to be greeted by a legitimate caller. Instead, we’re greeted with spam from a living individual or a pre-recorded voice message. These are usually fraudulent callers who appear or sound genuine. They offer something of value to you, but in the end, will try [...]

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Michigan’s Do-Not-Resuscitate Procedure Act FAQ

What Is A Do-Not-Resuscitate Order?  Some people don't want any special efforts made to prolong their life.  Many people don't want to be revived after their heart and breathing stop.  Under Michigan law, people may choose to sign something called a do-not-resuscitate order or DNR. This instructs health care professionals not to revive them after their heart and breathing [...]

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Guardianship and Power of Attorney: The Differences

Guardianship and power of attorney, what's the difference? Usually, we receive calls from individuals who are looking to get power of attorney over an elderly individual, such as a mother or grandmother. These elderly individuals are in need of assistance. Sometimes people call to try and claim power of attorney over children. In some instances [...]

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Criminal Background Check for Conservator or Guardian

There comes a time where an individual may no longer be able to reliably handle their own finances or make decisions that are in their best interest. Because of this, people are allowed to legally enlist someone to serve as a conservator or guardian. As discussed previously, a conservator is an individual appointed by the [...]

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