Sibling Trouble While Handling Mom’s Estate

Family Disputes Over Estates Happen Too Often Feuding over the estate of a loved one is a surefire way to cause separation within a family. Even within my own family there have been many arguments concerning assets that belonged to my grandfather. Not having a will or an estate plan can leave things messy, and [...]

Aretha Franklin died without a will. What does this mean for her estate?

Aretha Franklin - Queen of Soul We learned recently that Aretha Franklin, the late Detroit native and Queen of Soul to millions of her fans around the world, has died without a will. News reports to this effect broke early last week, causing many to wonder how this will affect the vast wealth she accumulated [...]

The Probate Pro Named “Cool Place to Work” by Crain’s Detroit Business

ROYAL OAK – August 20, 2018 – The Probate Pro, a division of The Darren Findling Law Firm, PLC, announced today that they are being recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as a Cool Place to Work in Michigan. The Crain’s Cool Places to Work award is given to companies that go above and beyond to [...]

The Slayer Statute: How the law seeks to protect the families of murder victims

Even decades later, the tragic murder of Natalie Wood remains just as sad, shocking, and full of unanswered questions as when it first came to light. Still today, new twists are added to the story as Natalie Wood’s one-time husband, Robert Wagner, is once again suspected for involvement in her death. While California law prohibits [...]

Demand for Professional Guardians and Conservators is on the Rise

As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, many of them do not have someone in their lives to act as a guardian or conservator if the need arises. Que the professionals! In these types of cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys or social workers to be appointed for these roles, although a professional guardian can be [...]

Trump’s New Estate Tax Bill: What You Need to Know

Unless you have millions of dollars as either an individual (more than $5,500,000) or as a couple (more than $11 million), you may become nauseated at the very thought of a discussion on estate tax. After all, the federal estate tax is only felt by about 1 in 500 American families. However, you should really [...]


 Losing a loved one is a tragedy that everyone will eventually face. It can be overwhelming to cope with a loss, not to mention the stress of learning and managing your responsibilities as Personal Representative (PR). But, there’s no need to fret - we are here to walk you through your responsibilities. First: Commit First, [...]


It’s hard to believe this weekend will already be Memorial Day weekend. For some people, an extra day off means barbeques, beers, and sunbathing. But, for many, this will be a long weekend of mourning and commemorating the loved ones that have paid the ultimate price of freedom. Memorial Day: Meaning and More Memorial Day [...]


Approaching the middle of May means springing into many things – allergies, graduations, and cleaning house. Keeping with the spirit of rejuvenation, many people decide not to keep cleaning the same house but, rather, to move into a completely new home. Maybe an empty-nester couple decides to downsize, a growing family decides to upgrade, or [...]


Having practiced law since 2007, but being relatively new to the field of Probate Law it has been quite an experience learning the nuanced laws, rules and procedures unique to the probate field. Sitting in our county probate courtrooms is an education onto itself. Most people think of probate law as only coming into play when someone [...]

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