Estate Battles – They Can Happen to Anyone!

Celebrity deaths can often trigger public estate battles George Michael’s will is being contested in England by two of his former partners, Kenny Goss, who he was with for 15 years, and Fadi Fawaz his partner of 5 years. George died back in December 2016, unfortunately. It is not uncommon for it to take years [...]

Married and Living Separately… What’s the Big Deal?

Well it’s not a big deal if you have a will. In Saginaw, Michigan a case arose that will define an aspect of estate law. The case has made it to the Michigan Supreme Court; arguments were heard last month on the matter. James Erwin Sr. and his wife, Maggie Erwin, were married in 1968 [...]


Who Wants to Talk About Death? Many individuals postpone writing a will for a variety of reasons. First, people understandably associate wills with death, and would prefer to avoid thoughts pertaining to it until necessary. Second, many may view writing a will as expensive, and deem the financial costs as outweighing the benefits of actually [...]


It’s hard to believe this weekend will already be Memorial Day weekend. For some people, an extra day off means barbeques, beers, and sunbathing. But, for many, this will be a long weekend of mourning and commemorating the loved ones that have paid the ultimate price of freedom. Memorial Day: Meaning and More Memorial Day [...]


Recently Governor Snyder signed Public Act 310 of 2014, which expanded the available exemptions from property tax “uncapping” in Michigan. Beginning December 31, 2014, certain transfers to and from trusts, from probate estates, and within families will not be considered a transfer of ownership, and therefore will not trigger an uncapping of the property’s taxable [...]


The Probate Pro has the great privilege of appearing before probate courts throughout the state of Michigan.  One of the most enjoyable courts to practice in is the Wayne County Probate Court.  Why?  The Wayne County Probate Court has experienced and knowledgeable judges that understand probate law. Wayne County Probate Location The Wayne County Probate Court [...]


The Probate Pro has extensive experience in the quiet title process correcting the chain of title for hundreds of files each year . For some, it may seem odd that there is an intersection of the processes of quiet title and probate. However, quiet title and probate go together like Abbott and Costello or spaghetti [...]


The probate process provides for the orderly resolution of a person’s financial affairs after their death. The probate process addresses whether the person died with or without a Will, who are the heirs, provides for the notification to creditors, the resolution of creditor claims, the orderly gathering and marshalling of assets, and the distribution of the [...]


When a person dies and leaves no estate other than a vehicle, must a probate estate be opened?  The answer is simply no.  When there is a deceased vehicle owner and the estate is not probated, the surviving spouse, or, if no spouse, the next closest kin may transfer the vehicle into their name. This [...]


“It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” -Steve Jobs In the first few months of 2014, The Probate Pro has been blessed with a surge of new relationships and new files.  We attribute this to the fact that personal injury attorneys recognize that their time is a precious resource [...]