It is very difficult to live an entirely debt-free life. Purchasing big-ticket items is a way of life (think homes, cars, and luxurious vacations) not to mention the things we need to pay for every month, like utilities, insurance, taxes, and medical bills. We do our best to pay off all of our debts, but [...]


After opening a probate estate, a Personal Representative has a duty to provide legal notice to any creditors of the decedent. A Creditor is a person or entity to which the decedent owes a debt. Creditors of the estate may include unsecured debt (examples include utilities, credit cards, medical bills, personal loans) and secured debt (examples include mortgages and automobile loans). [...]


When starting out as a new attorney, I had the same assumption as many—that probate court was just a bunch of forms.  After having a few files of my own, I definitely learned otherwise. Here are some probate pointers for probating an estate: Handling Money. Handling conservatorships, trusts, and decedent’s estates in probate court means handling [...]

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