Years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the great civil rights’ icon, Rosa Parks at a rally in Detroit.  The meeting was brief.  I had no idea that she would be there.  I was unprepared. A bit overwhelmed, I just shook her hand and never uttered a word.  There was so much to say yet nothing was said. I have often thought about the fact that I missed my opportunity to genuinely express gratitude for her role in the civil rights’ movement.

Following that chance encounter, little did I know that I would again have the opportunity to meet Rosa Parks.  Following her death in 2005, I was hired by her heirs to commence her deceased probate estate.  I was honored to open her estate.  My representation of the estate was brief, similar to my brief encounter years earlier.

Rosa Parks Litigation

As you are aware from reading the news, the estate has been embroiled in litigation. Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals set aside rulings of the probate court relative to a settlement agreement and fees.

The recent ruling has allowed me to reflect on why I was fortunate to be touched twice by Rosa Parks.  I believe that my encounters with her have afforded me the opportunity to continue to reflect on the legacy of this extraordinary person.

News Articles – The Probate Pro

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