You have recently been appointed as a guardian of an adult. As guardian, you will have a variety of responsibilities – all of which are acted upon in the best interest of the ward whom you are the guardian of. It wouldn’t be right to just let you figure it out on your own. That’s why we’ve put together a guideline for you which goes over the details of being a guardian for an adult.

Darren Findling of The Probate Pro goes over these important responsibilities in this video below.


Below here are general guidelines on what to do after receiving the letters of authority, as well as financing and record keeping.


  • File a change of address card with the Post Office to receive ward’s mail.
  • Create one file for each ward, even if the ward has a conservator and guardian.
  • Keep the following documents in the ward’s file: all petitions, letters of authority, inventories, fiduciary bonds, annual reports, accounts, guardian ad litem (GAL) reports, reports on review of guardianship, and closing papers.



  • There should be one bank account for each ward with a caption such as: “Legally Incapacitated Adult”

  • The only time more than one account is necessary is if the ward has more money than is needed to cover living expenses for 6 months. Then a money market or short term CD would be appropriate.

  • When closing the ward’s account and opening a new one, keep all opening and closing documents.

  • All checks payable to the ward must be deposited into the bank account. · Open all bank and other statements immediately to identify any irregularities. · All checks must be hand signed by the fiduciary. Never use a signature stamp. Do not allow anyone else to sign checks. Keep in a secure location.

  • Keep a copy of all bank statements, checks written and receipts.

  • Pay for everything by check so you will have documentation.

  • All spending must only be used to benefit the ward and not the fiduciary or family members.

  • If there is a question about expenditure, file a petition with the court to obtain court approval.

  • Demand and obtain written bills before making a payment.

  • Computerized records must be backed up and stored in at least one other location.

  • Keep a record documenting visits to all wards.

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