Reading of the will, a moment in probate that is over dramatized. We see it often in the theater or on television where there’s this big, revealing scene. The beneficiary walks into a swanky office of a high profile lawyer. Joining you are other beneficiaries who are also scheduled to learn of what they’ve inherited. Finally, the moment is here when the attorney reads the will to you, letting you know of what is now yours.

Movies and TV shows often have a way at tugging your sense of appeal. However in real life, that’s not really what happens, or for the very least, here in the State of Michigan.


In our State, the reading of the will simply doesn’t exist. It doesn’t stop clients from asking about the reading of the will, but no matter what, the answer is still the same: reading of the will doesn’t exist. So if there is no gathering of the beneficiaries, how will people know what they’ve inherited? Through more conventional and practical means of communication of course.

This means letters, emails and any other form of written communication are the ways in which the beneficiaries find out what they’ve inherited. The will, will be presented before the probate court. Once presented, important information regarding the estate plan will be served upon the party or parties interested. This allows them to have access to vital information regarding the decedent’s estate.

That’s it. That’s the entire process. There is no reading of the will in which the lawyer sits with the family and discusses what everyone got. It’s all done in an intimate and private manner. If you have questions about wills, estate planning, probate, or are in any need of these legal services, reach out to us. Contact us at (877)-YOUR-FIRM. Our legal team at The Probate Pro is ready to help you.