As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, many of them do not have someone in their lives to act as a guardian or conservator if the need arises. Que the professionals! In these types of cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys or social workers to be appointed for these roles, although a professional guardian can be anyone that has went through the proper training.

Who Needs a Professional Guardian or Conservator?

People in need of a professional guardian are those that are deemed incapacitated or those that require extra assistance with making difficult decisions. Minors that do not have family or close friends to act as a guardian could also qualify. Only after an incapacity hearing is held and a determination that there is no family suitable or willing to serve will a professional guardian be appointed by the probate court. A probate court can appoint a professional guardian either permanently or semi-permanently, as well as to handle some of the incapacitated person’s affairs or all of their affairs.

What Kind of Things are Professional Guardians and Conservators Responsible For?

A professional guardian will have the incapacitated person’s best interest at heart. They are the communicator between the incapacitated person and society. It is their duty to handle the medical or financial matters on the behalf of the affected person. The guardian can be responsible for as much as: managing property, determining where the person resides, applying for benefits, consent for medical or mental health assistance, managing any litigation, and ensuring the incapacitated person receives as much socialization as their disability allows.

The Probate Pro has an In-House Social Worker!

We welcomed Liisa Vaara-Lewis to The Probate Pro team this year. She is an experienced social worker well versed in the needs of individuals requiring a guardian and/or conservator. Liisa graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, specializing in geriatrics and aging. She says that her passion is “helping people and families navigate through some of life’s challenges”. We believe this position will be a tremendous asset to our current and future clients and a wonderful resource for many of the issues that we encounter in probate.

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