The Probate Pro is available to help you with all of your estate planning needs.  There is no need to procrastinate. The Probate Pro prepares Wills, Trusts, Revocable Living Trusts, Supplemental (Special) Needs Trusts, Powers of Attorney, estate plans for persons with disabilities, and other creative Trust plans.

However, if you would rather procrastinate planning for your future…

  1. Do your laundry
  2. Organize your closet and donate old clothing
  3. Get a colonoscopy
  4. Brush your dog’s teeth
  5. Contemplate life- stop when you start thinking about your what your family would do without you
  6. Clean out your fridge
  7. Have “the talk” with your teenage daughter
  8. Dust your shelves
  9. Stare at clouds until they form recognizable shapes
  10. Go online and find some great cooking recipes to cook for your family
  11. Stop thinking what your family would do without you
  12. Stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself everything’s fine.

Everything is fine, as long as you have a plan for what life may throw at you.  We know the idea of estate planning may not sound appealing, but The Probate Pro promises to make the process as painless as possible. The time is now.  No need to procrastinate longer.

We are here to help

The Probate Pro is here to help you with all of your estate planning needs.  Stop procrastinating!

The Probate Pro Experience

The Probate Pro has a huge staff of smart lawyers and paralegals to solve difficult issues.  The Probate Pro is the largest law firm in Michigan practicing exclusively in probate and trust related services.  Let our experience give you the edge.

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