Sadly, we’ve seen it often– grieving families leaving the funeral home that is next to our office. We know that these families leaving the funeral home are going through an emotionally tolling experience. Usually after the funeral, these families will be in need of a probate attorney to help get the decedent’s assets distributed through probate court. Sometimes, the probate steps can be easy to climb but often it gets messy. Smooth or messy, we’ve helped thousands of families through both times and everything in between.

It’s expected that when you hire an attorney you hire someone who is creative, experienced and can communicate effectively. Step by step, we’ll help you throughout the probate process. We understand what grieving families are going through. They’ve just lost a loved one and have no idea what happens next. What happens to the money in the account? What about the house? The boat? The clothes?

It’s hard to know the answers to that if you aren’t aware of the statutes in your state, which relate to probate.

Probate Steps: Step by Step

Our website can help you understand the process from start to finish. When meeting with our experienced probate attorneys, you’ll be paired with professional-minded legal counsel. Equipped with them is the knowledge of probate law, a desire to communicate with you, and an ear to listen to what you say. With over 25 attorneys in multiple states, we make sure that your probate attorney will have the time to meet with you and make this as good of a process as possible.

Our legal team is ready to help you in your time of need. Ready to climb those probate steps?

If you have any questions related to the probate steps, please give The Probate Pro a call at 1(833) PROBATE.