Many estate planning lawyers around the state refer cases to my firm.  Why?  Most estate planning lawyers prefer to do what they do best, preparing estate plans.  When a file becomes a probate litigation file, they want to ensure that this complicated issue handled by a firm that understands the issues.  The attorneys at the Probate Pro, PLC are able to provide litigation services for probate issues statewide.  If the issue is related to a Will, Trust, Personal Representative, Conservator, Guardian, or Power of Attorney we would be happy to evaluate the matter.

If you are currently involved in a Michigan probate dispute, you will benefit from probate litigation services from the attorneys at Probate Pro.  Our professional Michigan probate litigation team helps clients resolve their disputes as quickly as possible.  Our extensive experience in Michigan probate litigation and our fair and balanced representation will protect your best interests, helping families resolve probate disputes as easily as possible and with the least amount of impact to the parties involved.

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