Having practiced law since 2007, but being relatively new to the field of Probate Law it has been quite an experience learning the nuanced laws, rules and procedures unique to the probate field. Sitting in our county probate courtrooms is an education onto itself. Most people think of probate law as only coming into play when someone passes away and their estate must be dealt with accordingly.

While this is true, the probate court has much broader jurisdiction on a wide variety of issues. Minor guardianship, legally incapacitated adults, conservatorships, mental capacity hearings, and special needs trusts are just a few of circumstance which are handled in probate court. Not only are the courtroom rules and procedure different for Probate Courts in the State of Michigan, each county’s probate court’s rules and customs are different and unique onto themselves.

My impression of probate law is that it’s an area of law in which you can quickly learn, but will take a lifetime to master. I find myself fortunate to be surrounded by The Probate Pro, a law firm of so many experienced attorneys who specialize in probate law and probate litigation. I view their hundred or so years of combined legal experience as a great resource in which I hope to utilize as I continue legal career in the probate field.

~Joseph Tardif