Often times, when people think of attorneys, the word “winning” comes to mind. Attorneys want to be winning cases. Winning leads to client satisfaction. Winning generates more clients. Winning rules all. With that said, while you want an attorney to win for you, you want someone who cares about you as a person too. As probate counselors, “winning” is making sure you are satisfied and more importantly, heard.

Probate counselor Michael Franklin agrees with the notion that there’s more to being a probate counselor than just winning a case. “For most probate related cases, we are dealing with something that touches our clients in a very emotional way,” he said. “Someone in their family has passed away or needs help in setting up a conservatorship, guardianship or special needs trust. While we’re there for them as legal counselors, we’re there for them as people too. We’re here to listen to what they want to say, how they feel and we’ll try to bend backward to make sure they understand we’re there for them.”

Indeed, while probate counselors at The Probate ProSM are working on cases of many clients, we don’t forget that this is a rough time. We make sure to listen to everything our clients have on their mind. Family strife, grieving over a lost one, anxiety over whether someone is getting the proper treatment they need – there are many things which people can worry about at times.

As such, people inherently must vent or confide to someone about their issues – everyone has a threshold. Our probate counselors are here to support you. “To a degree, us probate counselors can serve as a psychologist or social worker,” Franklin said. “We work so close with our clients in these sensitive cases to where we can understand what they’re talking about – and offer advice, as well as take action if necessary. We care about their concerns and want to quell them.”

The Probate ProSM has a team of probate counselors and support staff who are here to support you. Whether it’s related to your case or related to your life, we want to make sure that you are satisfied in every possible manner. If you or someone you know is in need of probate related services – but not just from anyone, rather, a team who is there for you all the way – give The Probate ProSM a call today at 1-(877)-YOUR-FIRM.