As a personal representative, you will have an assortment of responsibilities. Filling out required forms, like the Personal Representative Notice to the Friend of the Court, is one of the many responsibilities you’ll have. This particular form is required when representing a deceased estate. Making notice to the friend of the court is mandatory, as is written in MCL 700.3075(6).

Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, at the same time the notice required by subsection (1) is given, the personal representative shall give notice to the friend of the court for the county in which the estate is being administered, which notice identifies the decedent’s surviving spouse and the individuals who are, for a testate estate, the devisees or, for an intestate estate, the heirs. The personal representative is not required to notify the friend of the court of a devise to a trustee of an existing trust or to a trustee under the will. A personal representative incurs no obligation or liability to the friend of the court or to another person for an error or omission made in good faith compliance with this subsection.

Filling out the form is fairly easy to do, but Darren Findling of The Probate Pro wants to make sure you have a full understanding. That’s why he made this video to review the form and inform you what’s required in it.


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