In many of our blogs we encourage you to find a trusted, competent probate attorney to handle important things such as your estate and will. You may think that any probate attorney should be competent enough and trustworthy, but it’s stories like this that should make you really consider who you’re putting your trust in.

An attorney in Ohio was recently indicted on 55 separate counts of stealing over $2 million from a probate estate trust. He used this money from the trust to gamble, purchase houses and pay for a family member’s cosmetic surgery. If the attorney is convicted on all charges, he could spend up to 70 years in prison. Unfortunately, there are people who claim to act in the best interest of the estate he or she is representing, all while performing unethical and downright criminal acts like this.

Because of this, we feel obliged to tell you up front that The Probate Pro places great emphasis on TRUST. In fact, our core values are built on that single word. Let’s go over what we will do for you as a probate attorney.

Thinking creatively: Our attorneys aim to implement creative strategies which helps everyone while acting in the estate’s best interest.

Reaching greatness: We’re all perfectionists in our own, unique ways. For us, we strive to deliver perfect legal service to you and the estate.

Upholding commitments: Unlike the attorney we mentioned, we take our commitment to you and the estate seriously. Our goal is to make sure you have a competent probate attorney who will be by your side from start to finish.

Solving complex problems: As mentioned, we will be by your side from start to finish. We are here to provide solutions to the most difficult obstacles and problems which may complicate the probate process.

Telling it like it is: Open and honest communication is key for any relationship to work. That’s why we will be straightforward with you, absent of ambiguity and vague details. We will tell you things you need to hear and know for what’s going on now and what’s coming up ahead.

These five tenants that make up the word “trust” are what we hold as the core values of our law firm. If you’re in need of a competent probate attorney who you can trust to plan or administer your estate we want you to know that you can place your trust in The Probate Pro. Give us a call today at (833) PROBATE. Our legal team is prepared to help you.