Sometimes there comes a situation where the personal representative will want to sell real estate that’s part of a decedent estate. To do this, the personal representative will need to gain adjudication from the probate court judge through an order. This order is known as the Order Regarding Sale of Real Estate Decedent Estate.


The Order Regarding Sale of Real Estate Decedent Estate is a State Court Administrative Office form. If you need this form or any other probate court forms, please reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with this document and any other necessary probate court documents.


Most of these State Court Administrative Office forms are associated with Michigan Court Rules and statutes. This is no different. The Order Regarding Sale of Real Estate Decedent Estate is associated with MCL 700.3415, which states:

   Unless supervised administration is sought and ordered, each person interested in an estate, including a personal representative, whether appointed informally or after notice, may make 1 or more independent requests to the court so that a question or assumption relating to the estate, including the status of an estate as testate or intestate, a matter relating to 1 or more claims, a disputed title, an account of a personal representative, and distribution, may be resolved or established by adjudication after notice without necessarily subjecting the estate to the necessity of a judicial order in regard to other or further questions or assumptions.

In addition to this, the form is pursuant to MCL 700.3505 and MCL 700.3704. To help you understand this form better, Darren Findling of The Probate Pro covers everything you’ll need to know in this video. 

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