The MichiganOhio State game has a storied tradition. WoodyBo. Urban. Harbaugh. This past weekend, I drove my 9 year old son to Columbus to root on #3 Michigan as it played #2 OSU. With two highly ranked teams, the odds were pretty good that we were going to witness a great game. Wading through 110,000 rabid, scarlet and grey fans, we entered the storied Horseshoe stadium.

ODD ODDSFor the week leading up to game, my son had heard horror stories of how terrible the Michigan fans would be treated. Fearful that a beer bottle would be thrown his way, he strategically wore nondescript clothing as not to draw any unwanted attention. As we discreetly entered through the gate, walking into the largest crowd in stadium history, we were greeted by three OSU cheerleaders. The cheerleaders congratulated my son and I as being selected as the “Delta Airlines’ Fans of the Game!” My son and I were to be moved to prime seats, given autographs from the Ohio State players and featured in the first quarter on the Jumbotron screen.

A video camera zoomed-in on us…and then the fateful question was posed by the cheerleader as he noticed the maize and blue peaking through my son’s coat – “You are Buckeye fans, aren’t you?”

–    –    – 

Odd Odds: Pogo Sticks

Yes, this was the first time I had been ever been selected as the fan of the game. I am proud to state that I am a really good fan and, generally, I fly Delta. But both combined? Each of our odds of being randomly selected by these cheerleaders was 1 in 110,000 or an incredible .0009 percent.

These are not good odds. We felt really lucky.

In fact, the odds of being selected as the Delta Airlines’ Fans of the Game were similar to the odds of going to the emergency room with a pogo stick-related injury (1 in 115,300) and just slightly less likely than dying by hornet, wasp or bee sting (1 in 64,706). The odds are not much different than birthing conjoined twins (1 in 200,000)

Odd Odds: Estate Planning

It should come as no surprise that the odds of dying are 1 in 1 (When these odds improve, please let me know). However, it may be a surprise to learn that the odds of dying without an estate plan (a Will or Trust) exceeds 1 in 3.  Why is this so? Here is my list:

  1. Fear of facing mortality;
  2. Difficulty confronting complex family relationships;
  3. Just “not ready” to make end-of-life decisions;
  4. Belief that it’s something others should do;
  5. Unaware of the consequences of not having an estate plan;
  6. Fear of dealing with an attorney;
  7. Fear that it is too expensive or too complicated;
  8. Belief that only wealthy people need an estate plan.

The odds are certain that if you own assets in your individual name without a Will, you will be forced to go to probate court. None of the above reasons are sufficient to fail to plan.

–    –    –

Odd Odds: Coconuts

The odds of dying from a coconut falling from a tree is 1 in 250,000,000.

These odds are more likely than me disavowing my allegiance to my alma matter. ODD ODDSAs proud Wolverines, we opened our jackets to reveal our Michigan jerseys. Buckeye Fans? No chance. What followed was a rather odd end to our short-lived, lottery win.

“I am so sorry…but we must give the Delta Fan of the Game to Buckeye Fans.” Revoked. Cancelled. No autographs. No prime seats.

–    –    –

Odd Odds: Call The Probate Pro Today

Die without a will? The odds are pretty good that doing so will only complicate your affairs.

Improve your odds.  Ensure that your wishes are carried out. Plan. Estate Plan.

The Probate Pro prepares Wills, Trusts, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Revocable Living Trusts, Supplemental (Special) Needs Trusts, Powers of Attorney, estate plans for persons with disabilities, and other creative Trust plans.

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And, Go Blue.