As a service to the community, The Probate Pro (877) YOUR-FIRM is committed to providing up-to-date and accurate information about the many probate courts in which it appears. The Oakland County Probate Court is the second busiest probate court in Michigan, handling over 7,600 hearings each year and over 7,300 new filings per year. The Oakland County Probate Court maintains an active docket of about 8,000 cases. If you need to contact the Oakland County Probate Court by telephone or e-mail, below is a quick reference guide.

Contact Information
Oakland County Probate Court
1200 Telegraph Road
Pontiac, MI 48341
Telephone (888) 350-0900

Primary Function of the Probate Court

The primary function of the Court is to administer guardianships, conservatorships, trusts and probate estate for those domiciled in Oakland County, Michigan. Probate estate administration occurs whether a person had a will, or whether they died without a Will. Probate courts also allow people to deposit wills for safekeeping. The probate court is vested with the power to appoint guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults and minors. A guardian can make decisions about a person’s health and personal well-being. A conservator can make decisions about of a person’s property and money. Probate courts also handle cases under the Mental Health Code. This includes commitment for hospital care of people alleged to have a mental illness, and guardianship proceedings for developmentally disabled people. If you need to reach a Probate Court courtroom staff, below is a list of the relevant telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Please remember that the probate court employees are not authorized to provide legal advice.

Telephone Numbers for Judges

Honorable Jennifer S. Callaghan

Presiding Judge Estates and Trusts

2nd Floor, Courtroom 2D

(248) 858-0240

Honorable Linda S. Hallmark

Chief Probate Pro Tem

2nd Floor, Courtroom W4—West Wing

(248) 858-0289

Honorable Daniel A. O’Brien

Presiding Judge of Adult and Minor Guardianships and Conservatorships; and Mental Health

1st Floor, Courtroom 1D

(248) 858-0287

Honorable Kathleen A. Ryan

Chief Probate Judge

(248) 858-0250

1st Floor, Courtroom 1F

Other Important Telephone Numbers

Oakland County Probate Court Counter

(248) 858-0260

Case Management Coordinator

(248) 858-0288

Probate Court Supervisor

(248) 858-0280

Americans With Disability Act (ADA) Coordinator

(248) 858-5603

Language Limited English Proficiency

Deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing

(248) 858-0344

Mental Health/Developmentally Disabled

(248) 858-0291

Periodically, this information will be updated. Please let The Probate Pro (877) YOUR-FIRM know if you need any additional information.