I have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of nurses in my lifetime who, simply by knowing and caring for their patients, win over and over again. In the realm of probate, we work with, support, and witness the healing powers of nurses on a daily basis. Just last week, the nation’s heart broke during Jimmy Kimmel’s tear-jerking monologue about a nurse’s critical role in saving his new-born son’s life. For so many reasons, we hope you will join us in appreciating these compassionate and selfless professionals during National Nurses Week!

Hand-In-Hand Healing

A large portion of our firm’s practice is dedicated to ensuring patients with specific medical conditions or needs are ethically and compassionately cared for. These clients include accident victims and/or their families, individuals diagnosed with a serious illness, or those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI patients), among others.

While we draw up the necessary legal paperwork to ensure their legal needs are met, it is the nurses who know the patient personally and work tirelessly to maintain the patient’s physical well-being. Many of our attorneys rely on the guidance of nurses, especially our attorneys whose practice is devoted primarily to guardianships and conservatorships, and who also assist personal injury (PI) attorneys in accident cases.

Unfortunately, some patients do not have readily-available family to help make all of their loved-one’s health and placement decisions. In these instances, our attorneys serve as the guardian or conservator, and make themselves available around-the-clock to answer calls in the event of life-threatening or medical emergencies. Because our attorneys cannot be with these patients all of the time, they depend heavily on nurses to provide significant detail about the person in these sudden, tragic events.

Our attorneys are able to make the best choices for our clients with the help of their nurses. It never ceases to amaze me how a nurse can tell us their patient’s favorite color just as easily as they can provide their medical history.

Meet Mandy

Amanda Orlando is one of our attorneys who specializes in the care and rehabilitation of those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries and/or developmental disabilities. Much of her time is spent communicating with nurses and caregivers to ensure her clients are provided with all that they need to heal, live comfortably, and grow. This includes everything from the basics of food, clothing, and shelter, to helping her clients gain meaningful employment, to simply treating them for lunch and checking on their well being.

“I rely heavily on nurses to explain medical terms and prescription orders to me. Often times, a patient will be taking 10 or more medications at once, and the nurses are able to explain the function and necessity of each,” said Amanda. “Nurses’ medical knowledge, in addition to their ability to communicate it to me in lay person’s terms, is critical in helping me understand treatment plans and getting my clients the care that they need.”

To stay current on the happenings and research within her field, Amanda works with several programs that serve disabled communities, including Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Special Tree Rehabilitation, Progressive Alternatives, Communicare Michigan, Hope Network, and Ann Arbor’s Eisenhower Center.

Thank you, nurses!

While our works allows us the privilege of working closely with nurses, we only see and share in a fraction of all the amazing work they do to care for others. During evenings, weekends, and holidays, a nurse’s work is never done. So please make sure to thank a nurse for all their sacrifice and selflessness, and not only during National Nurse’s Week, but every time you have the opportunity.

We’re Here to Help!

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