With April Fool’s Day on Saturday, you may want to be on the lookout for suspiciously sudden news, weird mannerisms, and/or funky smelling foods.

Everyone knows a beloved prankster who just can’t help it but to spend the entire week plotting the ultimate prank. Maybe you know her. Maybe you are him. Maybe you are an unsuspecting accomplice. If you’re none of those, you might want to watch out because chances are that you’re the victim!

Royal Oak parents especially need to watch their backs since, last year, the Royal Oak Public Library hosted a Teen April Fool’s Day program where middle and high school students sat in on some Pranking 101 sessions to learn a few years’ worth of good-natured tricks to play on their family and friends.

As fun and playful as we are with one another at The Probate Pro, the title of this blog is as sly as we will get. While April Fool’s Day does garnish a few laughs (hopefully even from those pranked!), we try to stay conscious of work-related hoaxes, as they can quickly turn serious and upsetting to co-workers, especially in the legal field. This is exactly what happened to this global law firm when they toyed around with their employee’s hopes for better work-life balance, a sensitive topic with which all lawyers can empathize – ouch!

That, however, is not to say that every office doesn’t know how to pull off classy classics. Amy, one of our paralegals, shared her memorable experience with a legendary office prank at her previous job.

“I had just recently become an office manager, and all but one of my staff called off sick on April Fool’s Day,” laughed Amy. “The other staff member was in on the joke, so she pretended to have a panic attack since we were going to be ‘unbelievably’ short staffed that day. A few minutes later, she said there was an upset client in the conference room who wanted to speak with me. When I opened the door, there sat all of my staff. We all had a good laugh!”

And even though she was a good sport about the playful prank, Amy quickly fired a punchy comeback.

“I told them I was going to dock every one of them for being late since they weren’t working at their desks,” said Amy. “Of course they caught on that I was kidding though.”

So whether you’re plotting the best prank ever or preparing to avoid it, keep in mind how that hoax (or your reaction to it!) will affect the people and places around you. And if you are still wondering how April Fool’s Day originated, so are we. Time.com has a few good ideas though!