Trust is a word with multiple meanings. We all know trust means that you have firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone else. Trust also has a legal definition, which pertains to an arrangement whereby a person (the trustee) holds an asset such as property or money for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. So what happens when someone you trusted as the trustee does something which goes against the trust? It creates an opportunity for a trust dispute.

A trust dispute is something that arises out of the activity, confusion or lack of accountability over the trust. It could be a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust or a special needs trust. Any trust can wind up in a trust dispute if the verbatim in the trust is not being followed. Trust disputes can occur when a trustee dies and the successor trustee believes that he or she is not accountable to the trust beneficiaries. The successor trustee may believe they are free to do as they wish. They may fail to follow the statutes or properly inform the trust beneficiaries, ultimately leaving them in the dark.

When something like this occurs, it’s definitely worth the time to work with trust litigation attorneys so that the beneficiaries aren’t left in the dark, the trustee is being held accountable and follows all the statutes. It should be noted though, that trust disputes aren’t resolved overnight. We wish that were the case, but at The Probate Pro, we work diligently to make sure the trust is properly interpreted, and all trustees and trust beneficiaries are following the statutes and codes.

Darren Findling goes step by step with us on how a trust litigation can play out over time.


If you are part of a trust where the trustee or trust beneficiaries are acting in opposition to the trust or statutes, we highly advise you to call us. The Probate Pro has trust and probate litigation attorneys ready to work with you and make sure the trust is being followed to the very last word. Call us today at (833)-PROBATE – we’re ready to help you.