I have something on my chest that I must write about. I am fed up…

The standard QWERTY keyboard on a computer is an absolute mess. There are so many oddities that need fixing.

The keyboard has a bizarre key called Prnt Scrn (Print Screen). This key is used so seldom and most users have no idea how the key functions. The fact that the standard computer keyboard contains a Prnt Scrn key but lacks a Print key is absurd. Why should my eighty year old father have to remember that to print he must either use Ctrl-P or Click File, Click Print? What an oversight and yet so easy to fix.

The most common keys used in the Windows’ environment are Print, Open, and Save. Why not include a huge Print, Open and Save key?

The SysRq key was used in earlier computers as a “panic” button to recover from crashes. It has no real purpose. Also, the Break/Pause Key has no well-defined purpose. Its origin goes back to teletype users, who wanted a key that would temporarily interrupt the communications line.

Why is there a Fn (function) key? What is the difference between the Ctrl (control) key and the Alt (alternate) key? How about re-naming these keys to suite their true uses.

In fact, just get rid of the Esc (escape) key, Num Lk (Numbers lock) key, and the function numbered keys and add keys that my seven year would understand. Color code the keys and add texture to ease in their functionality.

It is time to end the confusion between back-slash (\) and forward-slash (/). Just re-name the back-slash key with a creative new name and new symbol.

Also, add a separate key for the @ symbol. It is used so often it deserves a special place on the keyboard. Nobody should have to search for it anymore.

I propose adding a “Yes” key and a “No” key. It would be used to answer most questions.

And lastly, add a key called “.com” so that you wouldn’t have to type it ever again. Or, to even make life simpler, when typing in an internet window the computer should always assume that you will end the e-mail address with “.com” without the need for typing it. If you desire to type “.edu” or another suffix, you can override the “.com” default.

Now I feel much better…