The Probate ProSM attorneys provide high quality legal services. Supporting them is a team of paralegals, who keep everything related to a case on track. This also includes making sure the attorneys and clients are kept on track of what’s going on as well. Their work is important in our commitment to providing high quality legal services.

Rhonda Bradley celebrates her one year anniversary with The Probate ProSM today. We got to sit down with her and talk about what she does as a paralegal, how she’s helping clients and attorneys and what keeps her going.

The Probate ProSM (TPP): What does a paralegal do on a day-to-day basis?

Rhonda: Being a paralegal is almost like being the attorney without the P number that goes with it. We are actually the behind the scenes people that help make it all happen when the attorney has to go to court. We make sure they have their files ready, make sure all parties are going to be there and any last-minute exhibits that need to be done.

We also do a lot of things after a court hearing, like making sure the orders are correct, informing all parties of what happened – so we do a lot of behind the scenes work that a lot of people don’t get to see. It has its ups, its downs, good moments and bad, but it’s a calling. You have to really be a service-oriented type person and have the mindset to serve. It’s not an easy job, but at the end of each day, I leave the office fulfilled, knowing that I gave it my all.

TPP: How many attorneys here at The Probate ProSM do you work with and what types of cases do you work on?

Rhonda: Currently I support four of our attorneys, and we do a lot of deceased estates, estate planning, Medicaid and VA planning, which includes but is not limited to preparing wills and trusts, as well as powers of attorney. In deceased estates, we’re trying to help the family through what may be the toughest time they’re going through right now. So, we get a lot of client contact, and it’s the paralegals that usually have the initial, upfront contact, which is key in establishing an open and trusting relationship.

TPP: With four attorneys, you must have your hands full. How many cases would you say that you’re handling?

Rhonda: I touch around 100 cases or more, so being a paralegal requires that you are organized, prepared know how to prioritize, be quick on your feet at times. We’re there not just for the client, but for the attorneys too – to be a calming figure in what can be very stressful cases.

TPP: Today is a very special day for you, Rhonda. Today marks your one-year anniversary as a member of The Probate ProSM. When you first joined, what was it like getting acclimated here and getting to know the people who are here?

Rhonda: As with any new job, you’re trying to get your feet wet, learn where you have to go, who’s who, what you need to do and all that fun stuff. Fortunately, I came to The Probate ProSM with a background in probate law. With that said, there was still an adjustment that I had to make because I had been in Georgia and North Dakota prior to Michigan and while I have had my background strictly in probate law, everything changes when you go to a different state.

Probate laws are different by each state. I had a few surprises, but everyone at The Probate ProSM was helpful when I got here. They showed me the way around here and answered any questions I had. They basically invested in me, which made it easy for me to invest my time and energy into The Probate ProSM.

TPP: We know a little bit more about Rhonda Bradley the paralegal, but who is Rhonda Bradley when she’s outside of the office and not working?

Rhonda: I am a wife who is close to celebrating my 29-year anniversary with my husband, a mother of three wonderful children and a grandmother. I have 11 grandchildren and it’s one of my greatest joys in life. I get to be there and see them grow up, while instilling good moral values and work ethic. They’ll see me doing the work and say to themselves, “if granny can do it, then we can do it.” I always teach them to do their best. In addition to that joy, I do take joy in being able to read a book, go camping and just be with family. Sometimes though, I like to just relax and have some peace and solitude.