At The Probate Pro, we following the EOS business model and regularly conduct Level 10 Meetings. A Level 10 Meeting is an hour and a half meeting where we go over the issues throughout the week, address the to-dos that we’ve committed ourselves to do. All of this is to ensure that we have traction and a strong culture of accountability. By ensuring these, we’ll be meeting our plans for growth and meeting the expectations our clients have.

Level 10 Meetings help The Probate Pro:

  • Keep our team focused on the most important priorities
  • Hold our team accountable for the things they’ve committed to
  • Identify, discuss, and truly solve issues – once and for all.

The EOS or the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped The Probate Pro grow into today’s extraordinary business.

Level 10 meetings were designed specifically for leadership teams to run more productive meetings. They’re effective because they don’t allow too much room to dwell on status updates or information sharing. Rather, the bulk of the meeting is spent understanding the most pressing three issues The Probate Pro is facing and solving them.

With so many high-level decisions to make and issues to solve, these meetings help The Probate Pro stay on track with productive recurring touch points every week.