In just the last month or so, our nation has seen incredible devastation: hurricanes, earthquakes, and the Las Vegas mass shooting.

National Do Something Nice Day

Hearing about all of these tragedies so close together can make it seem as if the world is caught in a negative rut, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we watch the news, we’re only seeing the magnified, global stories that are deemed well, newsworthy. What we don’t see is the mystery person who bought your coffee at the drive-through this morning, or your co-worker who held the door open for you and helped you prevent spilling that coffee, or the little one who donated his toys to charity. And when we aren’t regularly seeing these small yet significant acts of kindness, we lose sight of how important and prevalent they truly are.

While National Do Something Nice Day is celebrated annually on October 5, it seems that this year, more so than in previous years, we need to share kindness with one another. In fact, kindness is such a necessity in today’s chaotic world that there is a global organization dedicated to kindness. Random Acts of Kindness, a nonprofit, offers simple, creative, and easily applicable ways to sneak kindness into your every-day life.

What Meaningful Acts Can You Perform?

While randomized acts of kindness are a fun and conscious way to throw good into the world, doing something positive for your own corner of the world is a convenient, important way to make a difference and actually see the results.

Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and Community

Start by thinking of the needs of your own family, friends, work, and community. Could your co-worker use an encouraging email after her presentation? Would your mom, dad, sibling, or grandparent appreciate a phone call from you? Could your friend use a “just thinking about you” card or a coffee date? How about coordinating a coat drive in your office or neighborhood as winter nears?

Natural Disasters and Trauma Victims

Maybe you had loved ones affected by the hurricanes or the Las Vegas shooting, or maybe your heart strings have been tugged too hard and you need to help. The regional chapters of The American Red Cross are a safe and effective way to support the monetary needs of victims from all of these tragedies. As you may have seen from their social media pleas, there is also a dire need for blood. You can donate blood to any Red Cross or United Blood Services location to help save a wounded victim. You can also donate your time. There are numerous local charities and national charities with local chapters assisting in these nationwide efforts. You can sort goods, pack boxes, and enlist friends and relatives to help. Several charities, including Puerto Rico Rises, are also accepting donations in and around metro Detroit.

No Baby Unhugged

A little closer to home, the Detroit Lions are continuing their partnership with Huggies diapers. You can donate an unopened package of diapers at Pride Plaza this upcoming Sunday, Oct. 8 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., or drop them off inside Ford Field before cheering on the Lion’s at Sunday’s home game.

Many families in your own community cannot afford to diaper their babies. Regular diaper donations to your own parish or community church is a regular contribution that you can make in your own community.

Kindness is Contagious – Spread it around!

Unlike the flu or common cold, people love to catch the bug for kindness. What will you do today (or maybe make a regular habit!) in celebration of National Do Something Nice Day? We would love to hear about it, so remember to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to pay it forward!

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