Someone has died and you wish to open a probate estate through an application for informal probate. But how does that work? Let’s go over how to open a probate estate using the informal process.

There are a variety of ways in which an estate can be opened. One of the ways is through the informal process and an application for informal probate. The other way is with a petition for probate, which is the formal process. That is when you appear before a judge to commence the probate administration and admit the will.

The informal process is used when everyone is on good terms and there isn’t any difficulty expected in relation to the admission of a will. As a reminder, once you choose the way in which you will open the probate case, it sets the course for the remainder of the probate administration, and there is no going back. It may include restrictions set on the letters of authority, so that you as a personal representative, have different powers.

With the informal process, there is a document that needs to be filled out. If you need a copy of the application for informal probate, click here to access a printable pdf file of the form. On this form is important information related to the decedent, such as the decedent’s name, relationship to the applicant, date of death, social security number and family contact information.

Watch Darren Findling of The Probate Pro explain what needs to be filled in and why it needs to be filled in.

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