Let’s discuss how to handle a Guardian ad Litem in Michigan. MCR §2.420 mandates the appointment of a GAL in the settlement of certain cases.  As soon as notified of the appointment, I recommend a telephone call to the GAL to explain the issues.  This will help set the tone of the appointment.  I am big fan of the rule of primacy– what a person learns first is the most prevalent.  Next, explain the duties and expectation of the GAL to your client to prevent them from being caught off guard or confusing GAL’s role with a Guardian that can make fiduciary decisions. The form can be found here.


It is important to understand how to appropriately communicate with a Guardian ad litem. The Probate Pro recommends that the petitioner’s attorney should contact the GAL immediately after their appointment to clearly express the issues in the case.  The GAL’s report and investigation can carry tremendous weight on the ultimate ruling of the court.  Therefore, providing appropriate information to the GAL can mean the difference between the granting and denial of a petition.

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