You’ve been appointed the personal representative of a deceased estate in the State of Michigan. Now, it is time to present the probate inventory. First, you need to complete the Estate Court Administrator form for the preparation of the required probate inventory. This form is required under both Michigan statute and Michigan Court Rule.

We strongly encourage you to consult a probate lawyer when completing this form. You will want someone with experience and competence who knows to refer to the statutes and court rules that identify how to complete the form. We’re going to explain how this form works, as well as how to complete it.

One thing to note is that this form must be presented to the probate court within 91 days of the appointment of the personal representative. This is different from actually filing because in the State of Michigan, an unsupervised administration only requires the presentation of the inventory What that means is that when you bring your inventory to the probate court, the court will look at the inventory and calculate the gross inventory fee.

Unless court ordered or if the estate is supervised the Inventory is not filed. That’s an important consideration because the idea in the State of Michigan is that unless it’s a supervised administration, the inventory – and the assets you have identified within it – are kept private among those who are interested in the estate.

After the inventory is presented to the probate court and the inventory fee is determined, then it must be served upon the interested persons as defined under the Michigan Court Rules. That

Darren Findling explains step by step what you will need to do in order to complete the Estate Court Administrator form.

If you have any questions regarding this filing, or any aspects of the process, call The Probate Pro today. We are ready to help you understand this process and many other processes in probate.