The world was shook last week with the passing of Luke Perry. A beloved television actor, Perry suffered a massive stroke, which led to him being put into a medically-induced coma. Sadly, Perry passed away several days later. No matter who you are – a television actor or a construction worker – you need to take your estate into account should tragedy befall your life.

We’ve seen many cases where a star’s estate and assets are in limbo because they didn’t plan their estate. The likes of Prince and Aretha Franklin come to mind when thinking about that. So what about Luke Perry, did he have an estate plan? It turns out, the Beverly Hills 90210 icon did indeed plan his estate in the event of tragedy befalling him.

Perry Executed the Proper Legal Documents

Forbes has speculated that since the hospital allowed Perry’s family to end life support, he had executed the proper legal documents. This would mean the family was able to make the decision on the spot. Laid out is the scenario that Perry made this wish in California through an Advance Directive or a Power of Attorney.

Otherwise, the family would have had to go to probate court to get a court order to terminate life support. Given that the probate court would have asked for the family to be present at these hearings, this would be an emotionally-tolling process, all while Perry’s life is still on support.

Perry had a Will Prepared – in 2015

On top of avoiding probate court over whether to remove him from life support or not, Perry reportedly had a will made for his two children, Jack and Sophie. According to the report on Radar Online, Perry’s children will split their father’s fortune, which is reported by to be around $10 million. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “but Luke Perry’s death was so sudden, how could he have had time to make a will if the stroke incapacitated him?” The answer is simple: he planned for it in advance. In 2015, according to the Radar Online report, Perry wrote the will after a cancer scare that year.

It’s not much of a silver lining, but the one thing people who were fans of the Riverdale actor can be happy about is that he made sure his family was protected. He had his will written down and he gave his family legal authority to have the hospital pull him from life support. Again, as we’ve seen with stars, not everyone has their estate or will taken into account. As a result, they’re left with a messy and overwhelming probate court experience.

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