With over 38,000 cases annually, the Wayne County Probate Court is by far the most active probate court in Michigan. Let’s get to know the Wayne County Probate Court.

Get to Know the Wayne County Probate Court

Located on the corner of Jefferson and Woodward, Wayne County Probate Court is located in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. When entering, be aware that the admission into the building is very similar to that of what you would need to go through at an airport. There are certain items which are prohibited from being allowed inside the building, so be sure to check Wayne County Probate Court’s site for prohibited items under security.

To prepare for this, be sure to have a pretty clear schedule throughout the day. The court posts hours of operations from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Given the nature of the court and its high volume of cases, it can be a timely process and experience at the court. On top of that, there are often forms to fill out and papers to sign, so taking that into account, it’s going to eat away at some of that time.

The probate court forms are available to download here with a video instruction on how to complete the forms.

As for the persons who serve as judges, they are led by Chief Judge Freddie G. Burton Jr., who has been part of the court for a long time. The Chief Judge Pro Tem is David Braxton. The other outstanding judges include Honorable Judy A. Hartsfield, Honorable Frank S. Szymanski, Honorable Terrance A. Keith, Honorable Lisa Marie Neilson, Honorable Lawrence J. Paolucci and Honorable David A. Perkins.

When it comes to probate court cases, it’s always good to have someone on your team who knows how the county probate court operates. The Probate Pro has had many cases that have taken place in Wayne County Probate Court, and we are open to working with anyone who has probate related needs, as well as probate litigation.

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